Your father walking you down the aisle. Your best friends in the entire world waiting for you to turn around to see you for the first time in your wedding dress. Your grandpa telling stories of you when you were little in his speech. The backyard where you used to play as a kid turned into the wedding venue of your dreams. And most beautiful of all, your first kiss with the one that makes you feel safe, giddy and warm. 

These are the stories I want to tell. YOUR story. Uniquely your own, complicated and messy and beautiful and true. 
Best of all, I'll give you photos and videos that look the way your memories feel.

Kaylen Eliza is a photographer and videographer who feels so deeply connected to documenting real and genuine moments and wants your photos and videos to help you remember how it felt. 

Hi, I'm Kaylen Eliza. And I'm all about the real moments. 

 Based in Nashville, but willing to travel anywhere.

MEET ur new bestie

I come alive when I am documenting people in love, through photos and films. I'm a feeler. I want to document honest, intimate, and wild love. I want to shed a tear at your first look, sob while you dance with your dad to the most emotional song you could’ve picked, and wrap you in the biggest hug at the end of the night. I’ll become your biggest fan and best friend. most of all, I'll give you photos that look the way your memories feel. stalk me. I promise I’m a good third-wheeler.

Nashville Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Hi, I'm Kaylen

No measure of time with you will be long enough, so let's start with forever.



Madison & Jordan

When I booked Kaylen for my wedding I had no idea that I was also gaining a lifelong friend. She is truly your biggest cheerleader and cares more about your confidence and satisfaction during the whole process than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s down to earth, easy to talk to, makes you feel your best in front of the camera, all while simultaneously capturing the truest, most raw moments. She photographs authentic moments so well. Out of my entire wedding gallery my favorite photos are the unplanned ones. I’ve never felt so comfortable and confident in front of a camera and with a photographer. My wedding isn’t the end of the journey, she will 100% be capturing the rest of our lives!!! To know her is truly to love her.

"She photographs authentic moments so well."

emma & aryan

Kaylen was an absolute DREAM! If you need any kind of photographer, believe me when I tell you Kaylen is your answer! Her easy-going energy was perfect for someone who suffers from significant anxiety. She was so sweet and friendly but also knew how to move everyone along and be time-efficient. She will also make you feel AMAZING during your shoot. I’m super non-photogenic because I can’t fake a pose. So when I read Kaylen’s website, and she said she prides herself in candid and natural shots, I knew we were speaking the same language. I couldn’t even believe how well our pictures turned out. Every time I look at our wedding photos, it’s like I get to travel back in time and relive it because she gets the little moments that you’d forget if they weren’t captured. I can’t express how thankful we are for Kaylen.

"Kaylen was an absolute DREAM!"

Morgan & Herbert

"Kaylen was a perfect choice for both our wedding and engagement pictures. What attracted me most to her pictures was the way that she captured all the little moments. They are real. They are authentic. And when looking back, they allow for you to remember what you were feeling in those exact moments. I feel that is what we all want in a photographer: to be able to recreate these special moments in our minds by looking at one single image. If you are looking for posed pictures, Kaylen’s work is not for you. But I assure you what you get will be much more. Kaylen was a pleasure to work with and made my husband and I feel so comfortable. I know without a doubt we have found our photographer."

"They are real. They are authentic."


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