kaylen eliza presets

Lightroom Presets - 7 Color Presets, 2 Black and White Presets, 2 Grain Actions and 1 Film Border.

Presets designed to be minimal, truthful, organic and a little filmy. These simple and intentional edits are incredibly easy to tweak to make your own. They pair alongside 120 and 135 film like a dream.

I created 'Vintage Lover - Warm' a few years ago and have slightly shifted my colors and exposures to make this preset pack that I have used daily for the past two years. I believe in them and I'm hopeful you'll love these presets as much as I do.

edited with 'punchy bw'

one click edits

the family session guide

canva template - COPY INCLUDED

The hardest part of sending any guide to my clients has always been the wording. What the heck do I say?! Well, I've got you covered with this guide! The copy and all the information is already in there so all you have to do is add your own photos and you're set! I've been sending this guide to my families for years and it has given me photos sessions that feel warm, truthful and most of all, FUN. The guide goes over expectations, locations for the shoot, where to buy clothes, how to deal with children's attitudes & more.

I created this guide alongside the ever talented, Carley, at Make Heaven Crowded Studio. 

edited with 'vintage lover - warm'

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