Hello, friends!

We are Kaylen and Lauren. We believe in the power of truthful and artful storytelling. We create with your future grandchildren in mind. So when they ask "What was your wedding day like?" "When did you know Grandfather was the one?" "What were you like when you were young?" You can show them exactly who you were, with the timeless love you hold on full display, with the images and films we give you.

Kaylen started this business five years ago. A couple years ago, she added Lauren on to film weddings alongside her. Now Lauren is as much part of "Kaylen Eliza Photo and Film" as Kaylen is. She shoots all the Video & Super 8 work while Kaylen shoots all the Photo & 35mm Film! As a team they work so well together, anticipating each others steps and valuing the work they each are creating, for you. 


(The Photographer) 

Hello! My name is Kaylen. I've been in love since I was 16 with a man named Brad, whose love is my home. From a young age, I was always the friend with the camera, just documenting everything I could. I was always aware of how quickly time moved and I wanted to hold onto my moments as tightly as my little body would allow. My love for documenting my life transitioned into documenting my love, which turned into documenting your love. And it's the honor of my life.
I'm a four wing three on the enneagram, a feeler & dreamer. I love romance movies & a good book. I listen to true crime podcasts on repeat while editing your photos. I live in thrift and antique stores and my friends call me "Grandma Kaylen" because if your grandma loves it, I probably would too.

Hello! My name is Lauren and I live in Chattanooga, TN with my husband Will. You can usually find us at the climbing gym, on a walk, or in our kitchen together cooking. I’m a full time videographer and part time nanny, so I’m usually holding a camera or a child. I grew up on my grandparents farm in a small town, and from an early age I remember flipping through old photo albums and feeling completely taken back to whatever moment I was looking at, whether it was my grandma picking fruit from her apple trees or my sister and I riding horses with our dad. I gravitate towards all things that transport me to somewhere familiar. Sometimes that’s listening to John Prine, or just eating breakfast for dinner. I love things that feel like home. I’m excited to create and capture memories with Kaylen that make you feel at home, too!


(The Videographer) 

All Time Favorite Movie:
Kaylen's - The Twilight Saga
Lauren's - E.T.

All Time Favorite Book:
Kaylen's - The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Lauren's - The White Album by Joan Didion

All Time Favorite Song: 
Kaylen's - Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
Lauren's - Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell

We are inspired by movies, books and music. While Lauren is all about the ecclectic & weird, Kaylen loves a good cliche.


Lauren has always been the "cool older sister" Kaylen has always looked up to. 

Kaylen has been dating Lauren's brother for 7 years, so they are practically sisters!


We both spent our childhoods digging through boxes of old film photos & polaroids from our grandparents' lives.


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