Wedding and Elopement Photography & Videography

nashville based


My name is Kaylen!

I document love through photos and films. I am an enneagram 4w3, which means that I am a dreamer and goal setter. I've been dating my dude, Brad, for 6 years. Most days, you will catch me watching twilight for the millionth time, eating a big bowl of banana pudding or spending time with my favorite humans. I graduated in 2020 from college with a degree in Communication and a minor in Journalism. My studies really allowed me to explore how humans communicate & I love using my educational background as a means to understand my couples more.

I started my business as an 18 year old girl just wanting to the thing she loved most - photographing life. I have always had this love for photographs that I never truly understood - until I started photographing and filming other people's best days. I've always been a big softie so getting to document memories is a job I hold so close to my heart. I'll take care of your memories as if they were my own & treat you exactly how I'd want to be treated. 




current fav songs:

Halloween - novo amor
Fast car - Tracy chapman
the most - miley cyrus

this love is the center of my universe.


Just Give Me:

mexican food for dinner always
& a tall glass of water

i'm a crime junkie


when i take the day off, i

visit my grandparents
go on a road trip with my gals
thrift shop til i drop

fall is my fav time of year


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