I believe in the power of truthful and artful storytelling and create with your future grandchildren in mind. So when they ask "What was your wedding day like?" "When did you know Grandfather was the one?" "What were you like when you were young?" You can show them exactly who you were, with the timeless love you hold on full display, with the images and films my team will give you.

My heart behind my business is telling stories and loving people.

i value connection and truthfulness

From a young age, I was always the friend with the camera, just documenting everything I could. I was always aware of how quickly time moved and I wanted to hold onto my moments as tightly as my little body would allow. My love for documenting my life transitioned into documenting your love. I'm a four wing three on the enneagram, a feeler & dreamer. I love romance movies & a good book. I listen to true crime podcasts on repeat while editing your photos. I live in thrift and antique stores and my friends call me "Grandma Kaylen" because if your grandma loves it, I probably would too.

favorite songs:

Tomorrow - shakey graves
beyond - leon bridges
silver springs - fleetwood Mac

i find inspiration in films, music & old photographs


Just Give Me:

zach bryan
gluten free french toast
my pup, max

my favorite nights include card games, my people and a whole lot of wine


when i take the day off, i

thrift all day
read a new book
roadtrip somewhere new

i have a film camera attached to me at all times


You Should Know...

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